Take your English language skills

to the next level with Speak Write Play!

Take your English language skills to the next level with Speak Write Play!

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General English Conversation and Grammar

Job Interview Preparation

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Pronunciation/Accent Reduction

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Essay/Research Paper Writing

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Test Preparation (GRE Verbal and Writing, IELTS, TOEFL)

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Ethleen is very good. I like everything. But, I really like that she corrects my speaking and writing to help me improve. Any incorrect sentences, she fixes. When I talk with my friends outside I say, “My tutor doesn’t leave any small issue unfixed.” Because sometimes, when I studied somewhere in the past, I would see many mistakes from teachers who didn’t fix them. Ethleen knows what level I am, and identifies my weaknesses. She’s honest and tells me if I am ready to take the exam, or if we need to work on additional things. I have already recommended her to my friend’s wife.



I am so glad that I contacted Speak Write Play. Ethleen has helped me a lot! I don't think that I could have gotten three A's in my courses taken at Rutgers this semester without her help. She is always nice and friendly, and I like her a lot! Studying with her is so much fun, and we get things done efficiently! If you are looking for an English teacher, I highly recommend Speak Write Play!



Before coming to the USA, I had studied English in school about ten years ago. But, I had forgotten almost everything since then. Ethleen helped me to not only regain my knowledge, but to learn a lot of new things including grammar, pronunciation and speaking. She’s a great teacher — our lessons are always fun, positive, and intensive. She concentrates the exercises on my interests and helps me to feel more confident in my language skills. I’m really pleased to have Ethleen as my English teacher and friend!

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Online Course